Groaning/rubbing noise when I turn right


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Sep 1, 2011
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To cut the story short, I was driving in snow not so long ago and my car hit the curb side on at about 10mphish and it started pulling to the right, but with no noise. I got it booked into Audi ASAP but a few days before a noise starting occuring. To me it sounded like tyre rubbing, it would vibrate like mad from the O/S/R wheel and it would groan and sounded deep, not high pitched.

Audi did wheel alignment, camber etc and the pulling went away, but also said I needed new control arms, so I had those done too. Got in my car hoping the problem was solved, but it isn't. Infact, it's worse now.

The sound starts at around 40-50mph and gets EXTREMELY louder whenever I turn right (it comes from the O/S/R wheel btw). TBH the sound is not exactly easy to describe, its just very loud, sounds like rubbing, sounds 'deep' and groans a lot..

She is going back to Audi tommorow, but just wanted to know what people think it could be? I did some searching and my moneys on the wheel bearing? Although been told it could be rear diff?

Oh also, the car is a 2005 Audi A3 2.0TFSI Quattro
probably wheel bearing if you hit it
was it bad enough to bend the control arms?

Well it's been in audi for over 10 days. First time it went in they came back and said "we can't see anything bent or out of place.. so we'll wheel align it", so they did. This stopped the pulling but then said they want it back in to check the rear again. This time they said control arms "appeared" bent, so they replaced them. If it was rear diff surely they would of seen it bent/out of place when they had it up right? I'm *hoping* it's wheel bearing.
Just to clear this thread up. She's been in Audi today and it was the wheel bearing which was knackered, all fitted and fixed. :)