VAG-COM needed in/near Lincoln.


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Feb 11, 2012
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Lincoln, UK
Hello all just picked up my new A5 Sportback this weekend and got a few things need 'editing' lol i was thinking 1. headlight wink 2. non-dimming sidelights 3. rear led drl's 4. video in motion 5. anything else recommended!!! im in lincoln and willing to travel a little at the weekend or very near-by during the week. obviously willing to contribute to your VAG-COM recuperation fund or beer!! lol.

Thanks in advance. :cheers:
Really struggling with this? tried several forums and no luck, even searched people out and pm'd but nothing.

Is there nobody in Lincolnshire with a vag-com lead!!?
I will be around sheffield area next week if that helps.
Sheffields in line with lincoln, surely cant be that far from you.

Why not just buy a cable for yourself.
Ye its over an hour away and im away visiting family in whitehaven which is 4hrs away! lol. looks like i will have to cave in and buy one!
Here you go, £40 cheaper than rrp & £20 cheaper than my single price:
Hi, I live 5miles south Lincoln.
Happy to help if you still need it.
Hi, I live 5miles south Lincoln.
Happy to help if you still need it.

UNBELIEVABLE! lol i waited months for this then caved in and bought a cable, a few days later you post this!!

Lol cheers mate, ****** unlucky that....
Hi, I live 5miles south Lincoln.
Happy to help if you still need it.
Mr Lapou, are you still able to do this ? i am from Lincoln and looking to get some of these tricks applied to my A6 if at all possible ?
yip, can still help out.
what 'tricks' do you have in mind?
yip, can still help out.
what 'tricks' do you have in mind?

Hi, well I need to look into this a bit further and see what is possible... I have had a quick look on other forums, and I defo would like the video in motion, the seat belt alarm switching off.. The handbrake disengage thing when seat belt not on... And any other things that will enhance my experience / enjoyment of the car really, hoping you could maybe advise further on that point?... By the way I have the 2013 reg A6 bitdi is that OK?
Okay no probs. If you have researched what coding needs changing, I'm happy for us to walk through it.
As VCDS covers Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda, and some Porsche and Bentley models, your A6 should pose no problems.
OK thanks, I will do some research into exactly what I would like, and see if I can find the codes etc... Will be in touch soon.
Hi MrLapou,

Ok i have done some research, my requests would be.........

Beep on Lock (Single Chirp)
Video In Motion
Disable Seatbelt Reminder Chime
Parking Brake Release without Seatbelt on
Enable CD ripping from CD to MMI
Lap Timer / Boost / Engine oil Temperature

I have found the codes for these on another Forum ....and from what others say they seem to work ok.

So the next question is where exactly are you ? How can i get in touch privately ? How much is the cost for these tricks ? and when would you be able to apply them ?


It's been a long time, but are you still living near Lincoln and have a VCDS?.......and also thirsty.