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Mar 15, 2009
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I've been thinking about getting snow foam for a while, and had the offer from a mate to borrow his to see if I liked it. A sort of try before you buy.
anyway not that impressed, but don't know if there was a problem with the foam or the lance but it didn't come out very foamy, it was just like the shampoo that comes out of the local jet wash, just watery white stuff.

It was maguairs snow foam and a Karcher lance, and I was playing with the + and - tap to try and get it to foam, but no luck!!

Any ideas what the problem could be? Is this a common problem?
That sounds nothing like what comes out of mine. It's almost like shaving foam as it settles on the car. Very thick and clingy and pulls dirt away from car. Made quick car washes so much easier, and much less abrasive.
I was like that on my first try, then I found that you could adjust the nozzle aswell as the + and - knob. After a couple of goes I think I've mastered it, and it works well too. I tried it on my works transit and all the black motorway grime just jet washed straight off afterwards. Give it another try before you give it back.
sorry to thread jack but didnt wann start a new one
i have used valet pro snow foam for a while now and 1ltr has last a long time and i am am pretty please with it but.
i cant help but think i can get somthing better, like uk valet cherry snow foam what your thoughts. dont wanna pay through the nose
It can take a while to set up your lance to work in tandem with your pressure washer and it will not always be right from the start. When I send lances out I try and set them up how I have mine, however this may need adjustment as it can depend on make of pressure washer, pressure and the foam being used.

So far I have found valet pro ph neutral the best as it is extra thick and sticks to the car for a long time :)

The other reason it was not thick could be that the mixture was not shaken before starting the add 1 to 2 inches of foam, fill the bottle with water (hot or cold doesn't really make that much difference as the water coming through will be cold anyway). Attach the top part and shake the bottle to mix the mixture.

I also find sometimes temperature dependant that you might need to give it a shake while the pressure washer is going to get it started. You'll get the hang of it after a while.

There is a video of me snow foaming on the front page of the Juicy site ;)
My lance arrived this morning so I think the Juicy forecast for Knaresborough this weekend is Snow. :yahoo:

Thanks Jen.
Had the snow out today, Megs and a snow foam-lance on a Karcher pressure washer. The combo works great, you must have a prob somewhere. Would definitely recommend getting one.
Did you put a weak dilution of snow foam in? If it's to weak it won't foam up really well.
depends on the foam lance you using i use the standard karsher one its a small bottle that goes on the end of the lance i have to use no diluted snow foam as the water from the karcher makes it to weak other wise.


this is the result of mixing the snow foam with water in the bottle

it now looks more like the video above with pure non diluted snow foam

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