Aud1 A6 3.0TDI battery going flat


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Feb 18, 2009
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We are not using the Audi quite so much as usual and consequently have unearthed a slow current drain. The car has only failed to start once however cranking has been low on a good few occasions. I've changed the battery as the old one was 6 years old so would fail sooner or later, but unfortunately not the cause.

The battery will hold a charge for a fortnight with no use of the car, but the battery meter (which can't be trusted) is starting to show a percentage drop. It was looking a little low the other day, I did an 20 mile drive but the car failed to start today. Are there any common closed circuits that cause a drain on an A6, thinking central locking solenoid, relay etc etc. I've used an induction type ammeter, not the most accurate in the world, but it was not showing much in the way of a current draw after the alarm went on.

I'm to the west of Glasgow so was wondering if A4Audi any good for this type of thing, or anybody suggest a good auto electrician?

thanks in advance​