USB Adapter for Concert HU?


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Feb 11, 2012
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Hey all.

First post here after picking up an A3 TDI on Friday.

It's fitted with the single din Concert HU but I'm really wanting some way of playing a USB stick through it (iPod and iPhone even better).

After a few searches on here the Dension units seemed the way forward but after looking into them further it appears the Concert HU doesn't support track listings, which might not be ideal with a USB stick filled with different albums!!

So what I'm wondering is are there any alternatives I could get that would allow for track listings to show up on the HU or is it the actual Concert to blame and I'm out of luck? I've seen a Grom unit on eBay but couldn't seem to find any reviews specific to the Concert??

I quite like the idea of keeping things looking factory so reluctant to swap the HU, unless there really is no hope and someone can suggest a nice alternative?

Are those definitely compatible with the Concert HU's then? When I checked the Dension website it only seemed to have product codes for the Gateway Lite models, so assumed the others wouldn't work. more question which may answer my problems, what are the differences between a Concert and a Concert 2 HU?

I'm not sure but I may have the Concert 2 in which case I can get myself a Dension!!