S-Line avant sits to high at the front........... What are my options?


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Jul 19, 2010
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I have noticed quite alot about the b5 spring cup mod (trolled through the search but couldnt find much usefull)

Can I do this and retain my standard s-line springs that way it will just lower the front? Is it an easy mod to do? any part numbers for the b5 cups?

Hoping to get this done then get some ch's to finish it off.

Yes you can add the B5 spring perches to your standard spring and shock's. I have done this mod on my B6 but using Eibach spring's, using the perches should give an extra 10-12mm drop.. drop Drmole a pm and he will supply you with the part numbers.
I did this on my DTM at the weekend (wish id taken pictures now!) I live in the country so slamming the car isnt an option, like you i always hated how the back looked low enough but the front looked like it was about to take off. I paid £18.41 each for the cups plus VAT. The cars stance now looks like it should and having the S-line suspension its low enough for what i can get away with.

Doing the job was a bit of apain as we couldnt get the pinch bolts out that hold the ball joints in on the suspension but a Mechanic friend had a nifty way of getting round it. Drop the entire hanger then undo the bolts at the top which allws you enough to manouver the strut out. Once its out its a 5 minute job to replace the Cups.

Only thing is that you wont get improved handling or anything. Some people on here buy eibach springs with an extra 10mm drop on the front to compensate and avoid the cost of the cups.

I'll try and take some pics next time I have the wheel off to explain better. Im new to this forum but there is a wealth of good advice and tips together with some really helpfull people on here. I'm sure youll get it sorted soon.

Good luck & go for it!! :)
I've heard a few mentions of these B5 spring cups though I can't find any other information about them
Sorry if this is a silly question but what are they and what do they do?

I think Im gust going to go for the sportline 50-40 kit rather than mess around with the cups.
You have to the take the suspension apart to fit the Sportline kit so it's still the same amount of effort .