side light bulb removel

s3 ncx

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Feb 6, 2012
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hi, i wana change the side light bulbs but it seems that there isnt very much room to get my hand in to even turn the light housing.

do i need to remove headlights
I just got a pair of sniped nosed pliers down there mate if it's because the battery is in the way. Worked with mine.
Just pull the sidelight holder out, gentle pulling side to side mind. On the battery side, just take the battery out is its a 2 min job.
You need really small hands and a good grip, battery size would be easier to get the battery out.
cheers guys, i thot it wouldnt be hard, my friend said i needed to take out head lights and bumper hahahaha d@>k head that he is.
had to pull the wires on mine!! is hardly any space at all and long nose angled pliers didnt work, 10 secs pulling on wires did it. be careful though ;)
easy enough, im 6.2 and have shovels for hands and got the bulbs out without much hasle, few scraps as expected

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