Audi s3 vs 8inch snow bump



Was driving home from the mrs house and came round a corner to find a 8inch high snow speedbump best way describe it hit it at about 50mph car coming opposite way mk5 golf I hit the snow bump and the car headed towards the golf steered the other way and thank god the s3 has Quattro and ESP because they kicked in sorted the power around and helped me avoid the golf and carry on. Pulled over to check there wasn't any damage (incase it wasn't just snow) perfectly fine. So Audi Quattro 1 snow bump 0 :) well pressed.
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I thought this was going to be a photo of a bumper/sub-frame on the side of the road and an S3 on its roof... but no, Audi FTW!
Go Quattro! Just took mine out for a spin to see how it goes. Quick drive with the traction control on to a big empty car park then Raaa! ESP off and plenty of sideways action. Can't big it up enough. Glad you missed!
I know very impressed since it's my first winter with quattro had fwd cars before
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