S3 remap, which one revo or shark?


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Aug 2, 2009
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I can't decide what remap to go for, I have read good reviews about both and heard few issues with revo but none with shark, there is a revo dealer where I live so easy to get done where as shark I will have to travel out off town, I am only going for stage one and just changing fuel pump internals what does anyone suggest thanks
I couldn't possibly say. There is no right answer.

How much are you prepared to spend, and which is most local to you might help you decide.

Might be worth trying to get out in a customer car for each type of map if you can.
Soundss very tempting mate and I am from hull, would I have to book in to get the £100 off? Thanks
Your sig says 250bhp, so are you mapped already??
No that's my old car warren, I now have an s3 8p, I need to change it but haven't been on my laptop for few days to do so.

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