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Jan 4, 2012
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Hi Guys and Gals,

Im having a problem with my 1999 AUDI S3 QUATTRO when i accelerate in seems like there is no power till the revs get way up its like i push on the noise pedal and the car goes mmmm ok ill go now or if driving up a hill feels like im in to high a gear as it struggles to start with.

Any ideas ??????
Ok just spent a good hour looking under the bonnet/engine and I can't find any loose cracked hoses only thing I can see is there has been a cda induction kit fitted to the car and the rubber hose attaching the engine to the induction kit is very short and there are two small hoses that look like the should be connected to it but aren't could this cause my loss in power ?????? Please help before I have to part with £145 a hour to Audi
Can you get some pics up, maybe worth a look, also have you had any engine lights come up, have you had the car scanned?

Dont bother going to Audi either, not on a car of your age anyway, im sure there will be a local independant that will easily be able to look at this at a fraction of the cost of a dealer.

Also you say it doesnt do anything until the revs increase, when are you noticing an increase in power?

I believe the turbo kicks in at about 2-3k revs, just so you are aware, you may already know this, but not sure if you are expecting instant power or not.

The car is very very sluggish until the turbo kicks in feels like a flat sponse very little throttle response no warning lights front exhaust flexi on the down pipe is blowing could that cause such a big loss in power ?
Garage says they scanned it and nothing. really don't think the car is as it should be very sluggish for 200+ Bhp
See if you can get the car scanned on VAGCOM, there is a map on the site, that will show if there is anyone nearby, as a generic code reader, may not necessarily bring up any fault codes.
Ok will do thanks. How do i upload pics trying to put a pic on so that you can see the pipes that arent connected
Yeah. if you can look at my profile pics i have put a pic on and at the bottom of the screen you will see two hoses just sitting there randomly
Sorry dude that pic is too small, so cant really see what im looking for.
Sorry ill try again but to describe them one hose is about 2" and the other a 1" they are located between the engine and where the battery is bottom centre of the pic

Can anyone tell me what these pipes are for ?
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Is that not something to do with the Cat ? is it safe to have these flapping about unconnected ?
mmm starting to wish i never bought this car now but im getting there suspension is done anti roll bar links done front downpipe/flexi done steering arm done now to sort this sai pipes and boost leak by then ill be suicidal.
looks complicated with the resistors ill see if i can rope in a bit of help for that one.

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