2010 a3 s-line black edition


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Jan 22, 2012
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Off to buy one tonight,

General thoughts on ride and performance greatly appreciated.

Currently own a fiesta ST and the ride in unbearbly hard, will this audi be better??

Hi Welcome to the forum,

Yeah the ride should be better as it's a slightly bigger car, so isnt as prone to bounce around like a rollerscake.

I believe there maybe two suspension options available to A3 B.E. When I ordered mine I had the choice of standard or S-line sports suspension (which is firmer) at no extra cost.

For the first few days mine was really harsh with the springs being brand new but has settled down nicely and wouldn't want it any softer. I opted for the S-Line setup as I wanted as best handling as possible.

I am positive you will be happy with the car & its setup.
thanks, the car has done 13000 miles so has been run in. Spending alot of money so want to be as happy with it as possible.

handling is important, hoping for a happy medium though!
2.0 tdi 140 bhp. phantom black. s-line styling.
You're going to be very happy coming from that car to this mate, enjoy.