Steering Wheel/Cluster Removal


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Jan 20, 2012
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Truro, Cornwall
Hi there guys

This is for my Audi S3 (2000)

Me being me......i like to fiddle and as i have to send my instrument cluster off to be repaired/rebuilt in the next few days i wanted to see how it needs to be done.

All was going fine until i went to put it back together........everything went back together nicely except for the steering column cover (top).
It just wont go back in because of the angle it has to go in........the steering wheel just seems to be in the way.

(Things always comes apart easily but never go back quite so well haha).

Can i take the steering wheel off? Or is that a big No No?
Any advice?

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Nah taking the steering wheel off isint a no no, just watch the ribbon for the horn and disconnect the battery obviousley lol
to get the wheel off you need to remove the airbag first, which has two small screws on the sides of the wheel, then I think it's a TX55 key to remove the centre nut. be sure to mark it up so it goes bakc on straight though
And don't twiddle the steering wheel electrics around otherwise may break!

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