A4 avant 1.9Tdi or 2.5 TDi SPORT QUATTRO AVANT


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Jan 8, 2012
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Hi people this is my first post and i would like you help please : Im going to start doing private hire and air port runs being self employed and cant decide on which one to go for ??? and need advice im thinking the 1.9 is going to give me more mpg however will it struggle when laden with bags and people thus the mpg going down ? and is the ride and driving as good as the 2.5 I am worried that the 130 bhp from the 1.9 will make it a bit sluggish compared to the 2.5 (I realize that there will be difference but will it be a lot ) also do the running costs vary a great deal...... so the long and short of it which one do i go for ive got a budget of 5k what would be peoples advice
oh and the car wont just be used for work it will be my only mode of transport too !

There are several good comparison threads between the two which will help you.

If the car is your business, and economy is important then the only way to go is the 1.9 really, it will have plenty of go for four people and luggage. If you found it lacking, a gentle remap will give you 30 plus bhp too without affecting economy.

Do you really need quattro for that kind of driving? I'm the biggest quattro fan out there, but for private hire work the negatives would outweigh the positives for me I think. Plus 1.9 q's are fairly few and far between.
Hi and welcome, fairly new here too.
I have recently had the same dilemma. I had just sold my 1.9tdi A4 (b5 90bhp) and was after a newer A4 with a little more poke and 4 wheel drive (work in Scotland were the snow can get quite bad) and had decided on a B6 avant with the GMBH kit on starting my search soon realised that there were more 2.5's available than the 1.9's and thought that the 2.5 would be the best option but after driving a 1.9tdi (130bhp) found it to be surprisingly quick and had plenty of torque. Don't get me wrong the 2.5 is a belter of a motor but the fuel economy just wasn't good enough for the mileage i will be doing. Took a while to find a descent 1.9tdi quattro sport but managed to find one about a month ago for £5000 with only one previous owner and i have to say i love it and like my best mate said "it's quiet, comfortable, reasonably quick, 4 wheel drive and has plenty of space, what more do you want from a car".

So my choice would be the 1.9tdi all day long.

Happy car hunting.

PS if you didn't find it pokey enough a remap will get you to about 160-170bhp and the 2.5 is 180bhp so not a massive difference.
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I run the 180bhp 2.5 tdi. I love it, but i don't think i'd be unhappy with a remapped 130bhp 1.9tdi.
Personally don't think I would buy a 2.5. Have heard too many horror stories with that engine, and seen it first hand. Also, when I actually got to drive one, I was underwhelmed to say the least.

I would go for the more economical 1.9 everytime. Its a lot rarer a car to boot, so win win.
for private hire work m8 the 1.9tdi is far much better mpg and more reliable in the long run but if you like a lovely sound then maybe worth have a run in a 2.5
I buy, work on and sell all sorts of VAG cars. So far my workhorse is a v6 tdi allroad standard (my tow rig !), my daily driver is a 2004 v6 tdi b6 avant and my weekend toy is a b5 tdi quattro (formerly v6 tdi) with a 1.9 VE Tdi AHH engine with 200-220Bhp. The b6 is "just" 163Bhp BDG engine with the later cam roller type heads and with a Steinbauer box is such a hoot to drive 200Bhp and 440Nm of torque. Don't get me wrong, the pd 130 is a good engine but the v6 is in another league ! For the guys that diss the v6 tdi, take a drive in a decent one- you won't be dissapointed even in standard trim ! Also if the fuel economy is your thing then the b6 avant v6 tdi i have still averages 40-45 Mpg on motorway in a 1670 kg shell with 18" alloys...