A4 B7 2.0 tfsi Avant quattro Fuel Filter location?


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Jan 8, 2008
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Hi All, does anyone have any experience of changing a fuel filter on 2.0t Avant quattro 2007 . I'm basically trying to locate it to identify which one I reqiure. (I believe there are a couple of different filters and locations depending on year and drive) Cheers Andy ...
Did mine last year , it's in front of the rear offside wheel under one of the plastic covers. Mine is also a quattro with the BUL engine.
Don't know why its not part of the service schedule, petrol can still have crap in it and todays modern fuel systems are just as delicate as CR diesels. Well worth changing considering cost of fuel system parts, will be doing mine every 20k. By the way its easy enough to change, just slight spillage when detaching quick release connectors, just use a piece of rag to catch excess fuel and protect you from spray.
Thanks for that, I will have a look under the back end on some ramps when i next get chance. Mine is the BUL engine also, I dont suppose you remember if your filter had 3 or just 2 hose connections? cheers Andy
A little update for anyone else who may be looking to do a fuel filter change. I put the car on ramps and qickly removed the plastic cover as described by "custardsucker" :thumbsup:. The filter on mine does have 3 connections and the part no 4FO 201 511E. The main filter body dimensions are Approx 74mm diameter and 97mm long (excluding pipe stubs). I never measured the overall length but one I found online quotes dia 74mm and overall length 176mm which sounds about right. £24 inc delivery so I should have it changed in a few days.
I do have a underbody picture if anyone needs one for ref. I would attatch it but i dont know how!!
Glad to be of help "Gixer". Agree part # for mine was as you say above.

Sorry to say I get mine through a trade contact and it cost me £11.02 + vat, just shows how much stealers are making, because trade still make a profit on price I paid.
Thanks again, I finally got it for something similar the bill today was £25.13 inc Vat from TPS on Teesside. Not bad for a genuine audi Fuel filter, Pollen filter and oil filter. Was fairly chuffed as I had seen some fuel filters alone online for upto £40-£50. I just need to get them fitted sometime now!