Another Chip question, not yet answered



I just bought my 99 A4, and I was wondering what size chip (0.8 or 1.0) I should buy. I know that both require new DV's, and the 1.0 requires a new FPR. I commute this car to CSUN, and I would like to make it more powerful but not as to blow its load prematurely. Any suggestions?
1 bar is fine for these engines as long as the map is a good one with progressivly increased boost pressure.

Neuspeed makes an 0.8 bar, and they are loctaed just a few miles away. I take it there is a big difference?
lets put it this way it will probably be noticable. Its just that most everyone does the 1 bar upgrade. So most of the results your seeing in the way of improved specs are for 1 bar chips. Check out and their power chip.