Need a new Clutch


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Jul 20, 2010
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Hi everyone need a new clutch.... Just wondering if anyone new a decent one to buy....
Just saw you posted that you had a non res and decat so must b a 1.8t. Go for single mass conversion, either g60 flywheel and vr6 clutch or a kit from carspares.
Depends on torque and driving style
I use a ceramic helix paddle clutch
And still manage to eat a clutch every year my last one was in feb and it's just slipping now, but to be fair my car does get totally abused!
Last one I did was master and slave cylinder super flywheel bearings and clutch came in at about 1300 fitted I think, but this time I hope to get away with just the clutch plate maybe????
You gotta love it
I know a guy who has the same clutch as me and has ran it for a lil over 2 years!it really does depend on how you drive and how much torque you have
Just bought a LUK clutch and flywheel from Eurocarparts for £415 which i thought was good currently 15% off. Fitting will be around £440.
I think it's gonna cost me about £400 for the clutch flywheel and master cylinder... And I can get it fitted for £200 so not that salty really.... Plus while I'm getting that done I will get my DP and CAT done at the same time.... Pondering on whether to get a manifold and get it all done at once... All extra expense I can do without but while he is in there tinkering seems a shame not to.... Labour will cost £350 for clutch,Dp,Cat and Manny....
I had a Sachs Organic fitted to mine, which is uprated over the OE unit and rated to something like 330lb/ft but retains the DMF and everything else. The clutch itself, even through a group-buy, was more than double the price of an OE equivalent. I decided it was worth it as I'm keeping the car long term (clutch was done 4 and a bit years ago / 35k miles). Fitted by JBS in Chesterfield.