Audi A3 2005 concert HU replacement - what do i need / any advice?


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Jul 7, 2009
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Hi all -

Am currently in possession of a 2005 A3 Sportback with a regular single-din Concert II CD player.

The car came with a dension icelink plus, which doesnt charge or take calls for my iphone 4.

I have tried adding a 5v adaptor, but is a bit messy and would still like something that would route my calls through the speakers.

I dont know what would be best but would prefer something with some form of bluetooth functionality, plus A2DP for streaming music.

I was thinking of the following JVC package (don't want anything too obtrusive - this has red illumination etc), which includes a BT adaptor etc (£85 approx all in)

JVC KD-R321 CD/MP3 Head Unit with JVC KS-BTA100 Bluetooth Adaptor

The question i'm asking - what else would i need? i.e. fascia adaptor, audio adaptors, antenna adaptor etc? I don't have steering wheel controls so dont have to worry about those.

Failing that - would anyone offer any other advice that wouldnt be too pricey but would allow me to keep the concert player? (thinking parrot etc).

Thanks in advance for the help - on't have a ****** clue!!
You'd just need a PC9-404 adapter to feed the rear RCA into the Audi rear amp loom, then fascia adapter and ISO antenna amp adapter
Cheers Andy - much appreciated.

Judging from your recent posts - you seem to be a man in the know regarding all things ICE - d'you think this would be a satisfactory way to go with the JVC and bluetooth adaptor? Or would there be anything else you'd advise - Parrot / anything else?

Thanks again!
Folks - thanks for help so far.

I have decided to leave the KD-R321 as the Bluetooth is only active when the HU is switched to the AUX mode. Therefore I wouldn't receive a Bluetooth call through the speakers if I was listening to a Cd/Radio.

With that in mind, I've decided to look at the same range, but with inbuilt Bluetooth, and changeable colour scheme to match the lights in the cabin, the R821BT:

JVC KD-R821BT CD MP3 Car Stereo Built in Bluetooth Handsfree KDR821BT USB Receiv

It has three different RCA pre-outs, but suppose it would just be the same adaptors that AndyMac mentioned, with the one needed to connect to the rear speakers?

A further question, is there any difference to the fascia trim adaptors? I want something as close to OEM as possible, so would you recommend one over any other (from a particular shop/site etc?)