Removing interior A pillar trim.


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Dec 19, 2011
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Hi everyone,
My first post on here so be kind :thumbsup:
Ok down to business, I have an Audi A3 2007 SE 1.9 TDI which came with the chorus H/U in without the rear door speakers or sub. I have upgraded to the concert H/U which is running fine and have added the aux input to the rear for my iPod, I have also got a Vibe sub in the boot with a 2 channel amp for the rear door speakers and this is where my problems are, I want to install the wires and door speakers but on the A pillars it has an airbag badge which I need to remove to thread the wire through. Firstly how do I remove the trim from the A pillars and will I set off the airbag if I try to remove it.
Thanks for any help,
Just pull the trim off, its on clips that look like this <> so its pretty hard to pull off at first. Be carefull with the pillar speaker its connected to the plastic cover, if you get the plastic off you can remove the speaker from it, pretty difficlut to remove the cover but if you brake it they are only £3 from Audi though. The airbag wont go off since its behind the trim and when they go off they unclip the cover (i think), so dont worry about it.
Pull forward quite firmly so it hits the safety metal catch then slide the whole lot up. It's pretty simple had mine off several times. No the airbag wont go off
Thanks a lot guys, I'll let you know how it goes.

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