Door Randomly opens on it's own :/

vince, A3 turbo

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Sep 29, 2010
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Alright guys
I stripped my car out last week and when I was hiding my cables and other bits I
disconnected the central locking lines near the boot lock, I locked the door before
reconnecting the lines and the pump didn't stop so I left the car unlocked, next day I
connected it all back up but now my door opens on it's own every now and then and I
cant shut the door, do I have to refill the system to make the lock open and close
properly .
Has anybody else had a similar issue? If so how did you remedy the problem
We could strip down what you took apart and use a lil bit of superglue on the joints when rebuilding!!!!!!
' cheers aragorn I'll do as Aj said and glue all the joints and see what happens
I'd also say its a vac leak. I personally wouldn't use superglue, it makes everything brittle. Your better off using a multipurpose glue or maybe even silicone, at least it can then be taken apart if needs be. Be sure to glue only the male side else you could block the pipe lol
i cant see how a leak will make the door open ?
maybe stop it from locking
I'm confused
The lock doesn't seem to lock or unlock all the way so when I try and close the door, the lock hits the catch so it doesn't even close :/ if I pull It slowly but hard from the inside I can just about make it shut
when you stripped the door did you remove the wire that joins the inner door handle to the lock ?
if you did was it refitted in the right way i did thia once door would half shut but wouldnt lock or open from the inside
no idea then
the lock may have just packed in