RNS-E stuck & cant get it out !!!!


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Nov 18, 2006
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thats right my rns-e is stuck in dashboard with both the removal keys in their slots and will not budge.

Ive just done the rns-e install and was putting everything back together again, i did a quick check to see that i could remove the rns-e ok with the keys before i screwed in the tunnel and glove box to finish off but its no good.

any help would be greatly received
try cut some thin strips of metel so they fit in the removel holes .. might be the clips have bent over i little that why your keys not hitting the clip ...got mine stereo out that way
Take off the glovebox again and also the drivers storage trim so you can access from behind to try give a little wiggle. also try get a flat head screw driver down the sides of the unit to where the keys are to try flick the metal tabs to release it.

Why did you have the keys in still when you put in the RNS-E? It should've just pushed in place without the need for the keys as the keys are purely for the removal.
thanks guys i will try this now, jb0o, i put the RNS-E in without the use of the keys, only when i tried to take it out i used the keys
all sorted now, its 3 keys that are needed to remove and not 2 !!!!!!! hence why it wouldnt come out :blush: