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May 3, 2011
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Hi guys,

Im looking to get a dump valve for my a3 1.8t , its on a R reg and i was wondering what the best one to get woudl be for performance and sound.


forge 007p is the one everyone goes for here. Not really sure that its a performance upgrade mod although improved throttle repsponse has been noted. The forge 007p is a diverter valve like the standard bosch valve so doesn't dump the air so you won't hear it massively i dont think. You could get a valve that does dump air to the atmosphere but you would be compromising the running efficiency of your car
if you want a loud dump noise,fit the 007 valve and a cone filter
...and get a remap as std boost pressure won't much noise at all when dumped...

any chance of a link to ebay or a shop online for these two things please cant seem to find them.. :)
There are links to online shops in the sponsors section of the forum mate... I would use those or google :)

i have a turbo xs diverter valve. had the same one on my golf and skoda occy and now the audi. never had any problems with it and its adjustable. with the air filter i have you get the whoosh noise but its not as loud as a full blow of valve
i fitted a bailey's dv26 to mine, it ran ok for a few weeks but then stasrted to idle bad and generally run poor

got the 007p in now with a TIP and high flow filter, can hear noise from it with the raido off and now runs like a dream
If you want noise then go with a 007p dv, then a cone filter with a cold air intake pipe. Can be heard even with the radio on. Remap is also worth it as the increase in boost will give more sound!

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