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Jan 10, 2011
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I have An A3 140 2007, which has had a decat, full exhaust system, and a remap. The company who remapped it is reputable, and has lots of positive comments on here.

Since the remap, it smokes between 1500 and 2000 rpm when in traffic at part throttle. Just a puff of smoke, but alot in that short puff. I've had no other issues, and its been a few months since I had it done, but yesterday it lost all power, and wouldn't do over 40 mph. The engine management light didn't come on, and after I turned the engine off and re-started it seems much better, but now feels like it only has the exhaust work done, and no remap!!!

Does anyone have any thoughts of wisdom that might help me out?
Oh, and I had just come to the end of a 150 mile journey. And it also has a judder at 2500 rpm that sounds like I'm driving over cats eyes on the motorway.

I've been searching posts, and its seems from those that the symptoms are from a few different faults. A blown turbo, EGR valve, dual mass fly-wheel, or even (but less likely) a mass air flow sensor!

Please Help!!!
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Who mapped it, Awesome GTI?
Could be an overboost, do you have a whistling or hissing noise, what colour is the smoke, although black smoke is common after a remap, if you look on this forum, vcds heading, I'm sure there will be a vcds/vagcom member who will scan your car for the fault!
I don't want to say who mapped it just in case its a red herring, and someone else reads this, and is put off using them.

It looked to me like it was smoking due to slight over fuelling. A grey looking smoke, which I did expect at full throttle, but was surprised at part throttle. No hissing noises or siren sounding noises.

Thanks for the advice regarding the vcds heading!
If a mapper is constantly putting out smokey & bad mpg mapping, then people need to be aware & of course said company would address this asap, nobody has suggested its the map at fault as yet, but if thats whats changed on the car & before this it was running well, then stands to reason, so IMHO you should advise who mapped, so others can add there info, as I've had a few members discuss with me about maps done by a certain company & all have something in common, smokey.
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The MPG has been lower than before, by an average of about 5 MPG. It does sound reasonable that its the only thing that has changed then it might be the cause. I had planned to say who it was once I had resolved the issue, so that I could be certain before affected the company's business.

I will say who it was because of the very last part of your post, and your post got me thinking that I am interested to see if anyone else has had similar experiences, but it should be noted by anyone else reading this that I don't yet know what the cause of my issues are and that I will update this thread once the problem is fixed, and no one should take this thread as a negative to the company who did my remap. The company was AMD essex.
There should perhaps be a section on audi sport that allows users to name their tuners/ mechanics and be able to list problems with the works carried out, moderator and legally controlled of course! And also specific to advertisers on here!This site has helped me with information, and in turn saved me money! I totally agree with NHM, we're a forum that offers help and information, so naming poor dealerships, mechanics, mapper's, and suppliers should be included,
Its funny cause you will find a number of mapping companies use the same actual mapper as such, thats not to say Essex is at all linked to others, but there are few actual programmer/mappers around afaik & you will find some companies sell the maps made by someone sitting on his yacht in sun drenched location, lol, seriously though, there are allot of socalled mappers these days that send files of for cars to be mapped with, that are edited by a proper tuner & returned to them to upload.

Just seems of late I've read & conversed with more people with bad mpg & smokey cars after mapping, that said, discuss it with Essex, they're afaik more than approachable & ask them to assist in finding the reason, which may or may not be related to there work.
I totally agree, I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't naming and shaming before I had all the facts!

Thanks NHN, I'll have a chat with them, and keep the thread updated!
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P0234-000- (turbocharger overboost) :3sadwalk:900 quid for a new one from Audi, Unless anyone else have any brighter ideas (please).

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