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Jun 25, 2010
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thought i would do a quick guide incase anyone wanted anymore info/help

i was going to try to wire them so they come on when either front door is open but was to much work. so done it the quick way instead

i bought these

eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
(30cm SMD strips)

start by taking this screw out then pull the whole lot out, once its pulled out disconnect the 2 wires connectors behind it, 1 for the lights and 1 for the cig lighter

once its out you want to splice both wires going to the centre console bulb connector, (brown is live, grey/blue is earth)

i solider the wires to the spliced bare wires but you could use crimps or scotch locks, depends on which you prefer
(i didn't get any photos of the wires connected) i then used electrical tape to make sure no bare wires are exposed

i then stuck the SMD strips where i wanted them

(passsanger side)


(drivers side)

i will take some phots tonight when its dark to show what they look like
Very nice, lookig forward to some night shots.
Prob white they look good. look brill on too i put them on my t4 i have as puddle lights and got them in the back of it too for when we on the bed look great

cheers jaz
Here's mine:

Untitled by Endacy, on Flickr

Untitled by Endacy, on Flickr

Bought from ebay here: Flexible LED Strip SMD Red - 10cm Piece - 12v - UK | eBay

20cm per side. It's self adhesive but I found it didn't stick well to the dash plastic so I hot-glue-gunned mine on with a few blobs of glue. Looks ugly if you look but you have to have your head IN the footwell to do so.

Edited: They aren't as bright as they look, they are just right, I had to turn the brightness in the photo up for the colours to come out right, you can probably see the dash looks ultra bright when it isn't really.

With thanks to SunnyB here:
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Looks good but the position youve chosen doesnt look too nice. Id want them pretty well hidden if i was to do this
Awesome mod, got myself some bits ordered. Offtopic, but I was wondering how to get the numbers on the clocks white (originally in red) like you have, looks so good. Would be nice if someone could teach me how to do this or send me a link with a DIY or smth
I think you'd probably have to change the dash to one with white dials, or POSSIBLY change the plastic dial covers (they come out) however I assume they are lit from behind with white LED's so you'd have to change them too, which would be quite a lot of work lets be honest!

I think there are probably companies that will change it though, i've seen people talking about having their clocks LEDs changed.
But I have the dials white (except the tacho from 7 to 8 and something more), turning on the lights make them appear red. I assume the LEDs behind the dash are red and swapping them to white-ones would give me the desired look, not sure though :D that's why I'm asking.
THink I get it. Yeah must be the LED's then. I think they are surface mount LED's and that's best left to a professinal really. I'm sure there are places that change LED's in dash's.

Google 'led cluster modify' - it shows lots of people talking about it!
Nice Job!

Am I right in thinking the facelight ashtray is different? Ive searched high and low but cant see that screw or find a way to get to the back of the ashtray to get a feed to the lights.