AMI cable reroute to armrest


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Jun 28, 2006
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After establishing that the only dock extension cable that seems to work with the ipod AMI cable was the cablejive dockxtender.
I finally plucked up the courage to remove the glove box this morning!
After removing the glove box, I carefully extended the hole at the top of the glove box (trying not to cut the airbag on/off switch wires) to route the dockxtender cable out.

As I purchased both the 2ft & 6ft cables, I‘ve connected them together and have managed to the get the cable up and through into the arm rest (eventually - by removing the rear air vents and some luck)

So the cable now exits the where the ‘aux in’ is on non-AMI cars.
Which is where i wanted the cable as i keep my phone in the slot next to the cup holders.

I’m really pleased with the results, just need to find a square grommet to cut and go around the cable - any suggestions??

the cable looks to offer a bit more convenience ,is it connected to the audi ami set up or is it connected into the "head unit" behind the dash
Cable is just an extension so still connected to ami
via standard Audi ami iPod cable.
Do you have a link to the extension cable you bought? Your link opens a few but not the one you mentioned. The one you mentioned I can only find at £20+
Do you have a link to the extension cable you bought? Your link opens a few but not the one you mentioned. The one you mentioned I can only find at £20+
Theyre not actual links for some reason it just picks up
Key words and makes a search.

I got the cable jive dock xtender from a company
called mobile fun - it was the only uk website (apart from amazon)
I could find and it was cheaper!
What route does the extender cable take? Great job by the way and far more convenient than hiding it in the glove compartment. I have seen a a grommet that would fit that shape. When i remember where i will let you know.
Hi riggssuzuki

Sorry for the late reply.
The cable exits the glovebox as shown on this post (it’s for an A5, but same for us)
DIY: AMI rerouting - A5_OC

Then along the centre console trim then all the way to just behind the passenger seat then up to the armrest.
(this is where I joined the 2 cables). I can take some more pictures if you want?
The ‘cup thing’ doesn’t come with the car – I can’t take credit for this as this was another idea I pinched from the
boys over on A5oc forum:-
Also hate the cupholders? - A5_OC

I was watching ebay for the beetle ashtray (costs £30 from VW stealer!) when I saw a Seat one with the same part number - £5 Bonus!

Cheer for starting this thread.

Fitted the extension in today, i didn't need the 2ft as my AMI is a retro fit and the existing cable is quite long.

Thanks for the link, they look good but can't see that company
selling me just one! Might try and blag a free sample!
Upon measuring the original blanking plate it's more rectangular
than square.
So did you reroute your ami cable?
Or get the cup holder thing??