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Jun 10, 2007
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Hi, not really car related but you always give good advise so here goes, I'm looking to get a new mountain bike ands I've see an iron horse for sale on a locally bike forum. Just wanted some advice on what you's thought of the bike and how much I should pay for it. Cann't ask on the forum as I don't know who' friend with him. Anyway here's what he posted about the bike

Hi all, been a while since I've posted on here! Unfortunately I can't say I've been doing much mountain biking over the last while, and whilst I was hoping to get back out again it turns out I've to pay for a wedding next August, so I'm having to implement an austerity policy of my own

2008 Iron Horse MKIII Sport

Frame size: Large (19")
Frame: 5" travel dw-link trail frame
Rear shock: Fox Float R
Front fork: Rock Shox Tora 302 Air 130mm
Handlebar: Easton EA30
Stem: Easton EA30
Headset: Orbit Z
BB: FSA Power Drive
Crankset: FSA Alpha Drive
Chain ring: FSA alloy/steel
Pedals: Gusset Slim Jim
Saddle: WTB Pure V
Seatpost: Easton EA30
Hubs: Shimano M495
Front derailleur: SRAM X7
Rear Derailleur: SRAM X5
Shifters: SRAM X5
Cassette: SRAM PG-970
Brakes: Shimano M485 hydraulic
Rims: WTB Speed Disc XC
Tyres: Maxxis High Roller

The Iron Horse MKIII is a great XC/All Mountain bike perfectly suited to UK trails. I bought this bike new in April 2009 from Real Cycles and rode it a few times over the summer. It then had a handful of outings over the following year and has been locked in my shed for well over a year now without turning a wheel. Because its seen so little use its in fantastic condition, barely a mark anywhere on the frame. The bike has been well looked after, the only thing that might need some attention is the brakes which have gone a bit "soft". They still work fine but could perform better and probably just need bled.

This would be a fantastic bike for anyone who is looking to get into mountain biking or wants to upgrade from a hardtail. Would also make a great Christmas pressie!

Let me know what you's think please
I don't know a lot about Iron Horse, there's ten or so on ebay and they're quite expensive! I'm surprised he's allowed to list on the forum withut a price, have you searched somewhere or like Bike Radar classifieds to see what sort of price they fetch? Or just ask him and negotiate from there.
Sorry should have said there is a price I just left it off to see what you's thought it was worth
£600? Wouldn't pay anymore for a second hand bike, regardless of how stupid they were to pay the price for it new
Thats not a particularly high-specced model, the forks for instance are pretty much bottom of the range rock shox and the rims are cheap.

The bike is 4 years old, personally I'd not pay over £500.

Selling secondhand bikes is always a bit eye watering, i've sold few myself over the years and you never get much for them compared to what you pay new. If you think you might need another bike in the future then it'd be worth hanging on to it i would have thought otherwise it's just a false economy.
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Thatnks for the Replys, he's selling the bike for £400 so from what you's are saying its at a good price then?
Thanks for the reply's but the bikes sold. :-( I had second dipps on the bike and the first guy bought it

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