electrical problem


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Jul 12, 2011
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hi all whilst driving tonight i had the warning light come up to say that there was a fault with one of my brake light bulbs. from when i brought the car there was a spare bulb kit in the car and so i replaced it there and then. then a little way down the road i got the warning light to say there was another bulb fault to whcih i discovered that the tail light bulb on the same side wasnt working neither was the front side light bulb also ono the same side. checked both bulbs and they appeared ok. checked fuses and the fuse in position 22 was a blown. this is a 5 amp fuse and position is for side light bulb. being that it was dark i removed the 5 amp fuse from the central locking position and used that instead. engine back on lights on and same warning light. check the fuse and its blown that one as well. now the central locking point now hasnt a fuse but its still working :S. had no other 5 amp fuses i could use but had a spare 10 and used that. all the lights came on and were working but the ones that the fuse was for was flickering. anyone any ideas what could be wrong. obviosuly i dont want to be leaving a 10 amp fuse in there for longer then i really have to
Right i found the fault and maybe useful if anyone else has the same problem in the future. turned out to be the new bulb was faulty that i fitted, there must have been some a short in it or something so basically as i replaced the 5 amp fuses it would then blow them. so new bulb fitted and new fuses and we are now sorted