A3 2.0 TDI 140bhp issues


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Aug 31, 2011
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Hi All,

Hope some of you can help me out.

Ok so I have read a lot of post here but can't find exact answers for me. Maybe someone will have suitable links or direct advice for me.

I have baought a 2004 A3 2.0 TDI 140BHP (famous BKD engine!). I have the car a few months and have had a few problems with it.

Engine missing at idle. Could be fine for a few minutes and then almost stalls for the next few minutes. It will then bring on a vacuum sound and be fine again. This happen when hot or cold. It's like it is starved of either fuel or air. It idles at 800-850 RPM, holding RPM at 900RPM will stop it. I see other have had similar issues.

My car was loosing water/coolant. After mechanic checked it all out, including UV dye in system, head gasket was the only solution. Timing belt and water pump were done at the same time.
With the head off he cleaned out the throttle body and replaced all gaskets/ seals that were wore or not. Issue 1 seems to have gotten worse/ rougher now.

My headlights are not aligned correctly and I cant seem to adjust the height inside. I don't really want to go get them aligned if I'm going to have to replace the headlights and then get them aligned again.

My rear passenger side speaker has very bad sound. I'm hoping to replace it but not sure how the panel is fixed in place.

It's difficult to start when warm/ hot. It needs to turn over a couple of time before starting.

Does anybody have a link on how to align the throttle body? Do you think this will this help?
Can I get just a replacement headlight motor? Is it normal for them to give trouble?
Is the interior quater panel just clipped into place or are there any screws holding it?
Is this related to issue 1/2 or something different?

Much appriciate any suggestions/ advice.

My car is also a 2.0 Tdi 140, and I had trouble starting it hot or cold, I had to turn the engine over several times before it would fire up.
The fix for me was to get a new battery, you could try charging yours for a few hours and see if it helps.
I also checked and cleaned the contacts of the alternator.

For the lights, have you checked the fuses in the engine bay and the other fuse panel inside the car (the cover just pops out out no screws) ?
You could also check the relays in the panel under the steering wheel.
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poor idle fault - you need to get timing 100% bang on or this will cause poor idle.
For issue #5, have heard of starter motor being a common (ish) fault and giving the warm start problem.
Thanks for the replies.

I don't think its the battery because it start when cold no problem. Even in the frost last week. I think I'll just get the lights aligned and see what the guy says.

Is it easy to get the timing wrong, is there no sensor to say its right? I would hope a qualified mechanic can do it right. Do you think should I get another mechanic to look at it?

I'll have a read up on that and see if I can do it myself.
poor start when warm is common fault i had the fault mapped out has been fine ever since.

vac com will only tell you if front cam is set correct you have to manually set rear cams i went to 4 places said my timing was fine and it wasnt.

went here to sort it.
Turner race developments south west stroud glos car tuning contact

wont be battery or starter i went down that road
Hi All again,

Here is an update on what has been resolved

A light appeared on the dash- the amber heating coil light. I dropped it to a gargae to be scanned.
It turned out to be the brake switch but on further investigation a wireing loom connecting this has burnt out as it went through the firewall/ bulkhead.
Replaced both and all okay.

Got them to look at idle issue too. Turned out to be a hole in a metal flexible pipe to do with the EGR valve. I can't tell you any part numbers but all I know is it couldn't be got in Ireland or the UK. My local Audi dealer had never sold one!

After this my mechanic thought it was down in power so he replaced the air flow meter which made a differance.

Coolant lose seems to be better now.

Only a minor thing but I got my lights focused too!
Did you get the warm starting issue solved?
im having the same problem.
I haven't brought it for a right drive yet as I was working today. Hopefully I'll let you know tomorrow after I get it back out on the road.
No luck with warm start. I have replaced engine temp sensor but no change. Got my starter reconditioned but again no change. It must be something in the mapping as TDI-Man says because when I disconnect the engine temp sensor it will start first time everytime.