99 1.8t won't start


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Jul 12, 2011
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Just done the school run and when getting into car and starting it to come home it went to fire up but didn't. Tried again and absolutely nothing. The lights on the dash come on and u hear the fuel pump prime but there is nothing else not even an attempt to start. On the dash it has been flashing up INSP which I just assumed was the service indicator. Fuel is just on the reserve so should be enough to have got me home and some further. Anyone any ideas what could be wrong
Could it be the cam positioning sensor? Best to get it on vag com before spending any money dude.
it is an AGU. Could it be the starter motor. mine has had that screetching noise for a while that so many of the VAG engine have suffered from
Right have plugged the car in and I am getting error "internal control module error" and something to do with the rom
clear the code, it will probably start afterwards, but you can assume that maybe some damp is in the ECU . Complete failures are rare. but i have seen poorly made maps do this over time and need regular clearing
So would u recommend taking it out opening it up and letting it dry over night
Right recovery arrived and it turns out the starter is nackered

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