Pug 205 Gti 1.6


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Jan 1, 2005
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Derbyshire UK
Just purchased a mint 89 model which has covered 90k with a full service history picking it up on thursday. Am planning on stripping it out and using it for track days etc

Anyone have any experience of these?

ive got a phase 2 1.6 parked outside. awesome little car, i love it. Its a go kart
Thanks for the feedback,
I've been toying with the idea of a dedicated track car for a while as the girlfriend isn't to keen on me wanting to use her 2004 Clio 172.
Can't wait to get my hands on it tommorrow and get it stripped out over the weekend. I think I'd best warn the bank manager I can see this little project getting expensive what with Roll cages, uprated suspension and brakes and eventually a mi16 conversion.


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mi16 is definitely old skool, what you want is a Gti6 engine with 6 speed gearbox. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/devil.gif
There was one of these on ebay a week or so ago may still be on there will have to look anyway.
It had the Cosworth engine conversion and looked great.
All that power in such a light car.
mate, parts are pretty cheap to be fair. i bought a 1.9 large valve head for mine for 30 quid lol.

You've gotta love the feel of the steering. its something else.
Hey keep us posted on how you get on as when I'll be in france I am gonna do exactly the same
have already found a dealer over there who's specialized in 205 1.9gti!!
They have some great examples with 50k miles on it and all for 3 to 4 grand!!
I got a mint 1990 1.6 last year for £400 of a friend of a friend who had it garaged for the last four years. The steering and general handeling is second to none.

I loved it for the weekly commute but unfortunately a bus pulled out on me and wrote it off. I got £100o but i still miss it!

I've still got the GTI tailored mats i bought for it. 2 weeks useage and Black with red binding and GTI embroidery if you wanna buy them?
Dont go 6 speed, you will only be able to steer in one direction!!!!

The box is wider and rubs on the wheels.
Had My 205 1.6 gti for about 4 months.

Station Car!!! But a complete ball. It needed to be something I'd look after. Absolutely fantastic. Fantastic steering feel agreed. Feels fast and isn't a licence loser. Still love to drive it, but the Audi wins (Surprise!)

Exhaust now blowing a little too much. Need to sort.

Little issues 'cos it's 15 years old eh.

Still definately £700 worth. Love It.