Can anyone tell me what size rear brake discs I have?



I have three options:

Option 1:
Diameter: 256mm
Height: 48.3mm
Thickness: 12mm

Option 2:
Diameter: 253mm
Height: 51.3mm
Thickness: 10mm

Option 3:
Diameter: 282mm
Height: 48.2mm
Thickness: 12mm

Checked boot and PR number is missing/no sticker there with vehicle info.

Thank you.
Cheers. I was using a website called nextdaybrakes and it listed these three options for an 8P1.

Thanks @marknjayne...

Running 240hp... do I need grooved/slotted?? The brembo prices on nextdaybrakes for solid/internally vented discs look too good to be true...

Reading around the slotted vs solid debate and a lot of sites are now saying that these days solid discs are quite good that they don't suffer from gas build up like they used to back in the days...

I don't do a lot of heavy braking bar one particular busy town I go to on the weekends and people cross the road wherever they feel like it.