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May 14, 2010
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i was going to change my clutch as i think it has gone but when i started work on my A3 1.8t today i had taken out the clutch slave cylinder to find the rubber on it is broken and the plastic rod inside is visible hanging out and has now come out of the body of it could this be my prob im going to change it anyways as it defo needs changing but was thinking of putting it all back and seeing if that was the prob and hopefully not need to change my clutch just yet

also would have my clutch pedal been on the floor because before i started work i could still push the clutch pedal down as if it was still working and could feel a rubble on the pedal which i thought was the clutching going or gone i was not driving the car when it went my dad was and he said he heard a crunch noise and the pedal drop to the floor but like i say it was not like that when i started work on it it was up right and you could push it down and it would come back up

Also whats the best pressure bleeding tool?
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From what iI have read mate these can go, recommended they are changed at the same time as clutch / flywheel.

I think if the slave cylinder goes the oil gubs the clutch and flywheel.

Best make sure give it a right good clean out before sticking the clutch and that back in.