16502 engine coolant temp. circ high input


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Aug 5, 2011
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16502 engine coolant temp. circ high input. thats what code is coming up on my s3. can some one translate to english. im thinking temp sensor
16502/P0118/000280 - Ross-Tech Wiki

16502/P0118/000280 - Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (G62): Signal too High
Possible Symptoms

Difficulties with starting a cold engine.
Starting the engine when engine is warmish or warm, idle rpm immediately is 1200 - 3000 rpm.
RPM at idle is irregular.
With all engine temperatures idle rpm will often vary between 900 - 1000 rpm.
With engine warm (90 °C) the engine temperature suddenly drops (70 °C) and slowly comes back to 90 °C.
Bad acceleration during warm-up.
Diesel Engines: Glow plug indicator may be on for a longer than normal time or at ambient temperatures where it shouldn't come on at all.

Possible Causes

The electrical signal coming from G62 is too low
Wiring and/or connections faulty (short circuit?)
Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (G62) faulty

Possible Solutions

Check wiring and connections
Check / Replace Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (G62)

Special Notes

In many cars between MY 1995-2002 the G2/G62 had a bad reputation for failing often. The original G2/G62 sensor is black and the improved replacements are green.

cool and thanks . think i will try the temp sensor as to me thats what it seems like , anywhere i can get one online as im so busy in the shop at the moment that i wont have time to go get one
changed the temp sensor tonite . started the car from cold to check everything and noticed that the fans were running ? is that normal from cold. had a look at the codes 17963 16502 17584. erased them and the engine managment light stayed off . just puzzled about the fans
Fans will run all the time if you have the aircon on...