engine management warning light....

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gutted... just gone through the 80k mile full service and 800 miles or so later the warning light comes on...

just wanted to talk to people who understand.. the girlfriend doesnt... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif
Had the engine management light come on, on my 1.8T, when it was plugged into a VAG system it showed 4 faults, one of which related to a temp. sensor which was changed, didn't cost too much, although it wasn't the stealers that did the work for me.
went to garage, they reset it as it wasnt anything to worry about, it came back on on friday then went off again yesterday.. it only comes on on the motorway so its A & B roads for me from now on!!!
...and what was the fault code they found? If its chucking up the ECL then it would tend to be something that needs attention, whether its a cheap fix or not.