amplifier, rns-e and speaker woes


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Sep 6, 2010
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Northern Ireland
I installed an rns unit over the summer but I've had a few audio problems as below....

I get 2 small pops from the front speakers when the ignition is off
No sound from any speakers unless i change some settings on the rns such as voice guidance, changing settings on the nav, changing radio station etc, in which case i get sound for 2 or 3 seconds before it fades away again.

I've spoke to a few guys regarding this and they have all suggested its an amplifier problem

I've checked all the connections at the back of the rns and everything seems ok. I removed the short section of wiring with a quadlock at either end from directly behind the HU as one or two of the connections looked suspect. The wires all appeared to be direct connection i.e. Pin 1 connected to Pin 1, Pin 12 to Pin 12 etc so in theory removing this shouldnt cause an issue? is it just an extension?

(Removed wiring)
Started to search for a replacement amp and check other areas on the car but i have a few questions....

With the amp disconnected should the front speakers still work as I've read these are powered from the rns itself?

Does anyone have any other suggestions as to whats causing the lack of sound?

Cheers guys

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