S3 racaro's into a facelift a3 t sport???


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Sep 15, 2010
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Hi guys, i have done a search on this and to be honest i couldnt find a definative answer.

Can i fit s3 heated and electric recaros into my facelift a3?

Reason i ask is because my i dont really like my full leather seats and would rather some nice half leather ones.

How would the wiring be done??

A guide of some describtion would be great!!

Thanks jorda
do u have heated seats already? if so that part should be plug n play i imagine.

not sure aout seat fitments tho
The seats would fit. Just need the loom for the electric adjustments
No i do not have electric seats atm.

Can the looms be bought from audi?
No i do not have electric seats atm.

Can the looms be bought from audi?

Probably but then all you should need is a live feed to power the seats. You'll need the climate control panel from the car too as on facelifts they moved the heated seat controls on to this unlike the preface lift where they are mounted in the button blanks next to the hazard switch, not sure if the wiring will be part of the climate controll loom or separate.
Im not sure how its done dude but i know it can be done lol iv got s3 recaros in my A3 and there mint! All i can see is its a small twin core wire that must be going to a live power source, electrics work but i havent got the heated thingys on the dash. Good luck and get em done as they are the best seats iv ever owned for comfort.