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Jul 12, 2011
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Well conveniently after reading an old thread about the rear washer jet pipe coming apart in the engine bay it happened to me on my next drive out so a nice quick fix, however having rejoined it and rested I still have no washerjet at the back and now have washer fluid peeing out from the rear near side corner, anyone know where the join is at the back that this could be leaking from
Im not sure quite where the rear joiner is but...
If its blown both off... maybe you have the common problem most of us have or had at some point. the rear washer jet comes through the wiper motor shaft, The jet is brass i think and the shaft is alloy, the seaze together and block up. Meaning a full wiper motor replacement.
I do get the staggered movement when the wiper moves
i have had a look around the area of the sub and theres a big green pipe about 15mm wide whats that??
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I removed my wiper when I debadged the rear, looks a lot cleaner, but that's my opinion. Anyway it's an option.

Right pulled all the sub out today and located the washer pipe and where it had become seperated. removed the plastic cover over the jet and then removed the joet. Jet had no bloackages so gave it a quick squirt without the jet in place. water running freely but also noticed it was peeing out the back of the motor into the boot. at first i thought it was the join but it appears to be comng from the back of the motor so looked like i will be ordering a repair kit. At the same time i thought id have a look at my alarm as it hasnt been working since i got it, cut it open and at no surprise one fo the batteries had leaked and destryed the circuit board, bummer
how did you get the sub out i cant for the life of me see how
Remove side panel in the boot, unplug disc changer if u have one. As u look at the sub box side on there's a bolt in the top right and bottom left from what I recal then with a bit of wiggling it should come out.
I had low pressure from the rear jet & washer fluid running out of the nearside rear corner so took a look at it today.

I had to remove the CD changer and cage and then loosen the sub. There was no way the sub would come out ('52 plate S3 Bose) but I was able to get it lifted up enough to get to the loom that contains the washer jet connection. I found the connection popped slightly apart but not fully disconnected. I adjusted some of the loom securing points and moved the connection up so if it happens again i won't need to loosen the sub as that has to be one of the trickiest jobs i've done, there is a securing nut at the bottom under the central locking pump that is very difficult to get too, my hands are scratched to pieces !!

All re connected and put back together, everything seems to be working ok and plenty of pressure now at the rear jet.
Looks like I may be searching for the joins as well, as my rear washer is not working either :-(
My rear nozzle is blocked, need to get a new one. Have you checked this?
I have tried using a safety pin down the nozzle but to no avail - will check under the bonnet first and if not then to the rear.

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