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12v Sockets & Cig lighter not working

Q7rhd Nov 7, 2019

  1. Q7rhd

    Q7rhd New Member

    Hi all..

    Recently bought a Q7, 2008 and the 12v socket on the centr console doesn't work, neither does the cig lighter. the cig lighter was actually in its "pressed in" state and I had to prise it out.

    The 12v socket in the boot works fine so I'm guessing the front 2 are on a different fuse? I couldn't find a separate fuse in the boxes though? The fuse box is located on the right hand side near the drivers door.

    I noticed that there is a 5p coin stuck in one of the rear 12v sockets...could this be causing the issue?
    Any help much appreciated.

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