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Lately I have been using a lot my VCDS software and always had the same problem. My laptop is not the newest so battery doesn't hold charge very long. So far I was using a 10m power cable plugged at home. It was okay but as we know some procedures needed to be done in flat surface, or what if we want to log driving data?

Yes, that's when inverter is very very helpful. Short explanation for those who doesn't know what is inverter. Inverter it's a machine that converts low voltage (for example 12V from our car - lighter plug) to normal 240V output (standard home socket voltage). Very important is output power - number of maximum Watts that we can plug in. Obviously the more the better but also more expensive. Lot of truck drivers are using them (they mostly use 24V ones as in trucks they have 24V) and can for example connect microwave, printer, TV, etc. Most of them have low battery protection (so we won't drain our car battery), overheat protection or overload protection (if you plug device that requires too much power they won't work, so you don't need to worry about damaging your car battery)

I needed one that will handle my laptop (90W), and I found one that does the job perfectly. Below is a direct link to one I bought:


What can I say about this product? Only good things so far. 300W limit is more than enough, it works silently and don't overheat (it has built fan that doesn't even need to turn on when my laptop is plugged). Also has a 5V usb output (2.1A) that charges the phone fast. And of course price is really good. I was lucky because my store is closing so I had additional 20% off.

At first I was thinking about buying laptop car charger but inverter is more universal option - if I need I can plug different devices.

If you have any questions about it send me a PM or write here - O will be happy to answer them.

Good weekend for all of you :).

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