Center console


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Jul 17, 2011
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Deos acenter console from 01-03. One fit on an a3 98?
id take a guess at no, otherwise it would mention fitting 98 model??
why it dont? i can get a facelift one for free:S i thought it would fit :S
The center console from a facelift is slightly different shape at the bottom. I was looking to swap the lower console which sits between the seats from a facelift into a pre-facelift. Wasn't going to work as the pre-facelift dash console goes slightley lower down I think.

I would have thought that the dash console would fit. I screw holes and slots should be in the same place. I dont think it's any wider, should just sit a little higher from the lower console.

If your getting it for free, why not give it a go???