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May 25, 2011
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Hi I'm quite a newb on the forum and hope someone can help me out.

I've got a 58 plate a3 1.9 tdi s line 105bhp, could someone tell me if I have a diesel particulate filter fitted as I want to do an intermediate oil change and I believe I would need a different grade of oil if one is fitted

Thanks in advance chris
I am pretty sure you won't on the 1.9 TDi as it was the old PD engine before Audi launched the 1.6 TDi CR engine.
Thanks audicruiser I was thinking of giving my local Audi dealer a ring tomorrow and asking them, do you think they would tell me ? Or is there anything on the log book ie the chassis number which indicates it's fitted?
Yeah give them a ring, they should be able to tell you from the reg and VIN number....
Ive just rang my local stealer (Well i checked with two) and they tell me that there isnt one listed for spares on my engine code (BXE) so happy days

all 170bhp models came with a dpf and all others td from 07 onwards as far as im aware
according to the dealers my 2008 (58 plate) 1.9tdi BXE engine doesnt have one,hope they are right !!!

They are right, it was the reason that the 1.6 TDi was launched to meet newer emission laws.
ive not heard of many people having problems with the 2.0 tdi audis but the vw golfs seem to have problems with them blocking up and they aint cheap

when i bought my A3 i made sure i went for a dpf free model for peace of mind

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