Rate the last movie you saw


Warren, it was an amazing film. You should try watching Nick Sanders an incredible journey and also just Jo, about Joey Dunlop. They are both really good viewing.

I will add to my list thanks Sandra. Big into my motorsport movies since Senna surfaced last year.

Got Steve McQueen's Le Mans to watch on Bluray this weekend! (not a great cinematic masterpiece, but the making of the movie book charts the immense attention to detail and innovation that went into the filming and soundtrack). Went to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart in 2010 to see some of the cars from the movie and you wouldn't want to do 50 in one now, let alone 200mph!
Just watched Thor. Actually really enjoyed it! I liked the connections to Iron Man. Looking forward to The Avengers... and it has nothing to do with Scarlett Johansson :wub:
Drive.watched this last night.first ten minutes makes you feel that this will be a good un but from then on i dont think so.hardly any dialogue with characters taking about five mins to answer each other (suspense i dont think so) .Oddly directed not in a good way.only decent car in the film was a mustang that couldnt get away from a 300c.The worst music score ive ever heard.couple of good bits of gore but not enough to warrant an 18.Had this film benn directed by another it would have worked.FAIL.
its been an odd few days for me:

Hobo with a shotgun 7/10 for blood content
dead heads 7/10 for absurbness
Jo's aparment 6/10 for talented cockroaches
Super - shut up crime (which was billed as better than kickass... no no no) 4/10 for a phychotic Ellen page

and thats just the films:
anybody seen garth marenghi's darkplace? 8/10 for just sheer bizzareness, deliberate bad dubbing and deliberate bad continuity & playground special effecs...
Driver was one of the worst films i have ever seen.

thats an hour and a half i can never get back. After seeing all the good reviews i thought id lost some interlect because it was terrible.
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Super 8
Was good up to near the end then it just fell apart and when it finished I had to google to find out why it was called super 8.
anyone want to guess without checking why it's called super 8?
Saw Chronicle last night. Was a bit disappointed at first to see it was filmed "hand-held style" but turned out to be a decent film and I rather enjoyed it. 8/10
went to see the grey and chronicle last week and was equally dissapointed with both , very bad wish i hadnt gone
I was gonna take the misses to see chronicle, but i didnt know it was filmed with a hand held cos i cant stand that.
Just watched Troll Hunter on BR. I actually liked it, Norways answer to Cloverfield - note is is either subtitled or dubbed. I watched the former.
The Change-Up. 9/10

Watched this last night and thought it was really funny! An enjoyable movie. Word of caution though for people with a weak stomach... close your eyes for the first 5 mins of the movie! lol
Seeking Justice 8/10

Just watched it. I'm a fan of Nic Cage so I thought this was a good movie. Typical Nic Cage thriller/action movie, so that's all good in my book!
good morning vietnam 10/10

imo its robin williams at his best with forest whitaker putting in a decent performance too.

the sountrack to this film is epic too, cant say im a fan of older music being a twenty something but these are cool as **** ;)
The Firm - The latest one directed by Nick Love 7.5/10
This means War,bit of a chick flick tbh(went with the missus-first film we saw in ages)but was still enjoyable.And Reese Witherspoon is a hottie ;)
"Harry Potter"Just watched with family last night...
great entertainment there...love it!!!
Ghost Rider 2.Dont know if this turned out any better as i turned it off after 20 mins.totally diff from the first.I thought it was shyte.0/10

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