Installing subwoofer and amplifier in my a3 8p


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Mar 21, 2011
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Had the car for about 7 months, have bose and i was hoping i could resist the urge to install a sub to help it.

Today i finally snapped, any of those wonderful guides on here showing where the magical holes are in the firewall?

i intend to keep my bose but just add a amped sub which will be simple enough as i have a aftermarket headunit

i did search but didnt find anything on this particular forum.

Thanks in advance.
I remember having read that there was infact a sub already installed... put some music on and just have a feel of the sides in your boot. Mine feels like there is a speaker (at least) behind the wall on the left side of the boot. I dont know if that may complicate things however.
hi ern

yes the bose has a bub, its just not loud enough for me ....

thanks, im keeping all of the bose, just adding another amp and sub for a bit more oooomph