What colour? Any sugestions


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Aug 5, 2011
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My calipers are a sorry dirty mess, and a bit of an eyesore, so ive decided to give em a lick of paint. But cant decide what colour!!!!
The car is a black sline saloon.
Any suggestions on colour please guys?

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I was going to do mine. My car's black as well. I was thinking maybe silver.
I thought silver, but i think it wont add anything to the appearance, would be too suttle,
I thought bout blue , but dont know?

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Red is the best, it isn't garish behind the spokes of your Audi, trust me.
Tartan was a joke mate ha ha. Silver will be good or red/blue.

Polkadot....don't all jump on me at once!
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Tartan was a home mate ha ha. Silver will be good or red/blue.

Polkadot....don't all jump on me at once!
Ha, I know it was a joke, but I get what you're implying!
Do you have standard silver RS6 alloys? It might sound weird but if you have after Market alloys or any wheels in black, try doing lime green or orange, can look pretty good but you have to pull it off just right.

Ha ha don't worry Mike, some people don't always pick up on my sarcasm :)
What about brown? Can't see many cars rocking some Morris brown calipers?
heres wa red looks like to give u an idea
I've just painted the calipers black..... (on a black s-line)
Looks alot better than standard rust!

Thought the calipers on the back would look out of place if painted in any other.
I need to do mine but im waiting to see what i do with wheels first.

pics of black!

Daz you need some lows quick not that im trying to sell my suspension or anything :whistle2:
Ive got red paint and also got yellow paint, Might do driver side red n pass side yellow! Lol:)

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Thinking of doing mine black and getting some of those high temp s-line caliper stickers from ebay,anybody tried them?

I got Audi logo ones from the same seller and they have been on for 2 years, look great.
I did them silver today. Hammerite Smooth Silver I think it was. Also happens to be a good match for touching up my alloys where i've kerbed them.






Excuse the car, it looks like I've been off-roading. I have.

Pretty straight-forward. It took just over 2 hours I think. I even had time to wedge my finger between a wheel and calliper. It hurt like a motherf*cker.
Looks good mate, I went to buy silver two weeks ago then put it back again AMD decided to wait till wheels are done.
They do look much better in silver! Have been thinking about going red or yellow with mine but haven't progressed any further than thinking about it yet lol
The aim was something subtle, not really to get them noticed as such, so I think it's worked well. I set out to get black, but changed my mind in Homebase and i'm glad I did.
That silver painted ones look good. Either silver or black would be my personal choice.
Could the calipers be polished down nice and shiney.
If so, on any colour car, I think they would look good.
Add 4 ring stickers and a lacquer.
Just a thought.
Decided in black! Got the paint just gotta do the job now, hopefully the rain will stop so i can do something :(

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i did mine red, to tie in with rear lights and sline badges


Mine are gloss black. Planning on fitting those heat proof stickers to the fronts of the Audi Rings just to add something a little different.
Thats exactly what im gonna do unikarl but im gonna put sline stickers on mine, just waitin for them to arrive!

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