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Jul 13, 2011
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Hi All - actually did it yesterday - bought 3.0 TDI S Line Le Mans Quattro! It is a few years old, but 66K Miles.

Lovely car, had to travel up country to get it, but had a thoroughly enjoyable drive down, averaging 37 MPG down M42, M5 and A30. Would probably have been higher but had to try to see how fast she went a couple of times! Did my ususal work commute today and got just over 30 MPG - road is B road and 13 miles, 25 minutes!

It has from what I can see the Denison fitted, Ipod works flawlessly, with my phone connecting too - though the address book did not go across automatically like in the previous BMW. Sat Nav is from a few years OOD so need to aquire a new disc I think.

The text on the small screen in the dash is pure red, no other colour, but the big screen is all differing (green, orange, blue etc) depending on the mode chosen.

Only fault I can see is radio reception is **** when the rear window heater is on. Switch it off and all is great with the radio. Have not tried the CD Changer yet.

All in all really happy. Has new tyres all round, was serviced and 12 months warranty. So Job Done.

Some Pics -






Nice car, I may be mistaken but i dont think its a Le Mans! The front bumper is from the standard SE and not the S-Line which was standard with all Le mans editions. You may want to pop down to the Audi garage to do a quick VIN check. The small screen (in red) is your DIS, and im supprised its not the colour one being that it should be a Le Mans edition.

The rear screen porblem will be the interface that the screen antenna plugs into, chances are it may have gone to ground, a simple diagnostic will tell everything. Your also runing the MMI 2G system (nave, BT etc) deoending on the age of the car it may need an firmware update, but we warned it has been known to knacker your BT Module in the process.
I remember an issue with A4 bumpers / s-line, etc, there were definitely different bumpers dependent on the year....

Does your registration document state 'le mans' ?
It says S-Line - I think it has badges stuck on after as he (the previous owner) upgraded the car to Le Mans spec - def S-Line though, and It was advertised as an S-Line!
Did you do HPI check on it?
Shouldn't there be color DIS when you have sat nav?
Its not a Lemans or an S-Line I'm afraid. Strange why the V5 says it is. The bumpers are standard SE, and the boot lip is a stick on style whereas an S-Line is molded into the boot.
Intriguing.... looks like it has s-line suspension, it looks lowered - definitely more so than just putting 19s on it.

If I'm not being too nosey; What reg. is it and what did you pay for it? From a dealer / garage?
Intriguing.... looks like it has s-line suspension, it looks lowered - definitely more so than just putting 19s on it.

If I'm not being too nosey; What reg. is it and what did you pay for it? From a dealer / garage?

It is an early 2005 model, and bought from a dealer - with a year warranty, full Audi SH from new, all the documentation from when it was new too! Also HPI check done, and through my Text Check - who state S-Line.

Also e done checks through a contact at the local Audi dealership who confirm mileage and model.
My A6 was one of the first S-Line demos and theV5 says it's an SE. But the body kit and suspension is the S-Line Larger front skirt and trim. I think you must have a really early A6 but it's deffnely not a Le Mans.
But the body kit and suspension is the S-Line Larger front skirt and trim. I think you must have a really early A6 but it's deffnely not a Le Mans.

You saying mine has the larger skirt etc?

Def not Le Mans as they were only out in 2007 i believe! But it has the badge!!!!!!
First ever post here guys as I normally look for advice etc to problems :yes:

Matty I too am the owner of a 3.0 Le mans but a 2007 version. Mine looks slightly different on the outside and deffo without the stick on rear spoiler. Also my DIS is full colour mate.

Suppose as long as your happy with the car and didn't pay over the odds you still have a lovely motor there :thumbsup:

I can post some pics of mine if you want to compare :blow:
Thanks mate - i get to park outside my office and can't help having a sneaky peak now and again throughout the day!
It is quick - and grippy - but even driving sedately makes me smile. So much better than the 525D I had before.
So much better!
You'll be smiling for months to come mattyn. I've had a 3.0TDI Avant Le Mans for over two years now and I still get a big grin on my face when I drive it!
Looks like a nice car, but make sure you didn't pay a premium for LeMans - it's definitely not an S-Line/LeMans unless it's been repaired with SE parts... the front bumper should step up n the middle with a little "slot" under the grill....

Badges mean nothing: they are £5 on e-Bay or £35 from Audi... I've seen S4 badges on a 100bhp 1.9TDI.

I'm not certain if this applies to ALL A6's as "standard spec" can change through the lifetime of the model.... but an SE should have a full colour DIS screen, so yours might be a standard.

And I'm pretty sure that ALL S-Lines should have Xenon headlights and S-Line embossed leather as a minium.

LeMans also have rear-parking sensors and heated S-Line embossed leather seats.

There's a few other extras that are harder to spot (suspension) or vary during the lifetime (e.g. auto-dipping mirror / auto lights / rain sensors)...

Fact is: it's a nice looking car and if you got it or a good price, then great! If you paid a "S-Line" (£1000-£1500*) or "Le Mans" (£2k-£3k*) premium, then might be worth having a word!

*based on Parkers 2007 57 plate avg (Le Mans started Sept 2006 - a lot earlier than most people think!).

One potential "problem" could be if somebody's fiddled with the springs (cut them / budget lower springs) to give the car that slightly lowered S-Line look, if all they've done is stuck a few badges on, then although you might be missing a few toys, you have got a pretty smart looking car.
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Xenons definitely not standard on S-line or Le mans.... Mines definitely a Le Mans (says Le Mans on the V5 registration document) but has standard headlamps. Wish it did have, had xenons on my last A4 and I really miss them, esp. during the winter. I bought it second hand so I can't moan (too much).
I can confirm....after looking at these heavily recently, Xenons, auto lights etc are all options on ALL models....

Also I cant see anyone cutting the springs, the work required versus the fact that most people simply will not realise....
It says S-Line on the reg doc, it has rear parking sensors, heated leather seats, not embossed, it has full sat nav, bluetooth etc, cd changer that plays MP3 discs (I think), auto lights and wipers and rear view mirror, 19" audi alloys, etc etc.
The first s-lines had this bumper - checked with Audi dealership. Whilst I agree it is not a Le Mans (it is reg 2005 not 2006) model, a ex dealership salesman friend did mention it was an upgrade for the first saloons. I can't confirm this though.

Its an S-Line - its fast as f&*k and has all the tricks. Therefore I am happy. Oh and it does 34 mpg!!

oh and full Audi dealership service history with receipts and invoices, all which state S-Line, as does the original dealership delivery paperwork, as does the MOT history online.

And finally, so does the HPI report, and MyTextCheck!

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nobodies suggesting you shouldnt be happy.......nice purchase and glad you are happy with it ;)