rear wiper washer leak causing bose amp problem on avant


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Jul 15, 2011
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i came home earlyer on today and as soon as i switched the ignition off, there was a huge stictic like inteferance noise comming from my speakers, so opened boot to find my tail gate was full of water, before hand i did try and wash my back windscreen but no water was comming out, so i removed the panel from the tail gate to let it dry off, but wen i went to test the rear washer, nothing was comming out but seems to be leaking in the feed, and the feed runs above the bose amp and sub and that also feels wet witch will explain the interferance nosie coming from my speakers!

only thing i can do for now is to leave it dry off but my worry is that the amp could short out. my wife will be using the car tommoro and ive told her not to use the stereo for now but i dont thing that will make any diffrence. when i turn the ignition on i think it activates the amp when the stereo is either on or off! thats one one issue i have, has anyone have any suggestions?

and the other issue is the pipe feed around the boot area, could it be blocked or could there be a split somewere causing the leak? looks like i may have to strip the boot, doesnt look like an easy task.
I would start by removing the connector from the amp. Then remove the amp from the base box and dry the amp out in the house.

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