A6 s-line 2.7tdi 2005


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Jan 14, 2011
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Hello, I've a few questions I hope you can help me with as I've no idea!

1. Can you connect an MP3 player or mass storage for example to the MMI?

2. What is the big lump with a fan on top above the sat nav in the boot?

3. Where can I get hold of the current maps CD for the sat nav?

Thanks in advance.
i have the limited edition audi hard drive linked to mine.
If you look in the glove box next to the cd changer there is a tray designed to hold ipods etc..
all you need is the correct lead from the mmi connector to mini usb or ipod etc.
also needs to be a low power usage external hard drive
If you what to connect your iPhone/USB stick/HDD to play music then you will need to get AMI (Audi Music Interface) retrofitted, or dension gateway 500 These can be fitted by Audi dealers & retrofit company's for around £400. Note that you will need to have a current version of the mmi software or the AMI to work, the dension gateway will work on most versions of the mmi software.

(mmi software)
If you have the colour mmi then my guess is your mmi software is out of date, and needs the latest firmware update.
Here is a eBay link to what looks like the genuine update disks AUDI MMI HIGH Firmware update 3CDs "5570" A6, A8, Q7 | eBay UK

Don't bother trying to find copied version of the disks on the Internet you could end up with you entire mmi system turned in a brick.

Also some users have turned the phone module into a brick even with the genuine disk, the update fails and then you cannot redo the firmware update.

Used modules can be purchased from eBay.de for around 150 euro.

Also note in some cases the update can enable component protection which only an Audi dealer can remove for a small charge.

2. The big lump will be the AMP

3. Audi dealers or look on ebay.
I have Dension 500 and it cost me £220 new from ebay. Easy to fit yourself!! and questions ask me and I'll be happy to help you.