CH's, LM's or Avus?


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Dec 17, 2006
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Hi all, back in an Audi again after a few years...bought a B6 S4. It has a few issues I need to sort (air con regas, new rear discs and pads) but my real bug bear with the car is that its wearing 18" RS4 wheels in black chrome and they just dont do it for me.

My plan is to change the wheels - I like CH's and LM's or I do it back to original with the 18" Avus wheels? The car has good tyres with 6mm all around so Id like to stick to 18" wheels if possible...any photos and advice appreciated.

LM's all the way ;)!!




Chris :)
Personally, I'd go with the Avus or if you wanted non-OEM, then I'd probably say CH since I like the BBS RX's.

I know a lot of people look down on them as the budget end of the BBS range, but I like the look.... or maybe RX2's if you want higher spec and a similar look?

I have LM's and the CH's both in 19's. I'm in love the CH's at the moment.


LM's with colour matched center's.

Am i being dumb but what does CH and LM mean?????????????
CMD - that looks awesome on the CH's - whats the suspension setup you are running? Whats the offset of those wheels?

I guess I'm an OEM fan, I'd like to go Avus as I have 4 good tyres that came with the car and can swap them on to the new rims if needed. 18" CH might look a bit small, I guess thats my issue with the RS4's on at the moment. I'll post a pic later - let me know what you think.
Belive it or not 18" bbs ch look good if you lower the car enough. This B7 on 18" Audi ch's at gti inter's in june looked good and had a few people thinking big is not always best.. I have B5 suspension perches coupled with eibach spring's up front and weitec coilovers at the rear. Both LM's &CH's are both et43. I also run spacers.

B7 With Audi CH oem Wheels lowered on FK coilovers.
I reckon ET43 is about spot on... Avus are ET45 and could still go a little wider without any probs at all.... my 16" OEM trapeze alloys (for the winter tyres) are ET54 and every winter I feel like a little part of me dies inside when they go on... and it's not because of the 55 profile.
I suppose its down to the offset of cost between upgrading to 19's with tyres or getting 18's and coils. Youve nailed the stance spot on with the CH's, I like the look!

Now to find some wheels....
Good link...and good prices. I'll probably try and pick some wheels up 2nd hand - condition isnt important as I have access to wheel refurb equipment so it doesnt cost me anything to refurb them :)
You want to aim for ET35 to get the right stance so you'll need some big old spacers on them.
cheers james...might have an opening on some diamond cut amg wheels from a cls 63 amg so gonna have a look at them on the weekend!