Whats wrong with this picture ???

Looks to me like an A3 but with S3 bumpers & door cards, dunno if its even a quattro version, I thought they were 6 speed :shrug:
the camera mans powered by a vacuum cleaner lol dont S3s have S3 rear badge? so it looks like kitted a3 quattro?
well to me.... and i could well be wrong it's not got flared rear arches which says A3.... the interior is cloth which again says A3 as i thought all S3's were either alcantera or leather... the rear bumper is A3 not S3 the front bumper looks S3 but i'm not sure it could just be colour coded but it has washer jets which i thought were just S3 and then the engine looks like an S3 or did the later Quattros have that charge pipe arangement and the throttle body on the other side like an S3 ??? oh and the rubber trims at the bttm of the door say A3 not S3.... some piano black interior ??? wasn't that just the S3 ?? really it all just shouts A3 quattro but that engine has thrown me as surely it's a KO4 setup like the S3 or TT
Hmm, odd one that. Has to be an A3 but looks like an engine swap..
Washer jets are for the xenons which I think were an optional extra an the A3?
its got a3 on tailgate and quattro on glove box you sure its not a a3 1.8t sport quattro
Maybe they use S3 engines in A3 1.8t quattros in the states ?
they are more power hungry than us , a 150bhp car would be called a lawnmower over there.

an example, Golf (Rabbit) GTi -Mk3 in the USA is the same spec as a VR6 in the UK.
what the hell, english music. foriegn radio station lol
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A3, it says A3 1.8 turbo on the title of the video?

No spolier
Wheel arches aren't flared
No S3 badge on the steering wheel or speedometer
Cloth Seats
All round kit on the car

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