Front wiper linkage - part number?


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Mar 30, 2011
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Anyone able to help with a part number? Wipers just failed today suddenly stripped out the linkage and one side was completed seized, unable to get it free and moving so looks like I need a new one - but couldnt find a part number on it anywhere.....?

Would this fit Avant 2003: Audi A4 Wiper Motor + Linkage Front 94-00 | eBay UK
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Mate mine was like that I gripped it in a vice and used force to move it while pushing down on it to get it out, it came eventually you can even try some lubricant to help then once its out clean then insides out of the old dried up grease re-grease it and it should be fine!
Agreed, heat it and beat it out. Clean it up and regrease with copper grease and you'll be fine They're all like it!
I have tried to heat it up, still nothing. I think someone has had it apart before me - as there some of the clips on the trim were broke and bolts were lose. Will try get the part number and get a new one :(
I have just done mine part # 8E2955603C,I am however looking at a copy of the invoice that was done on a fax machine so please check it before you order.