Boost gauge location/fitting examples please.

Came to the conclusion its a rip off, you may aswell buy the liquid gauge.
Yeah if you want all the bits it can do it could work out expensive. But after looking on ebay at boost gauges etc they look like they will work out to be about £100 for a decent gauge and a pod to mount it in and then its always on display.

The liquid gauge is ok, as one of the guys at our mini meet had one but i am not keen on losing an air vent to mount it.

This is £125 and means i can keep the OEM look and still have a boost gauge i am still tempted plus you can always add the other features later if you want them.

Spoken to the guy and he is gonna let me have a look 2moro as he is only round the corner from me and have invited him along to our south central mini meet on the 19th which i think he is gonna come along to.
I would like to fit a boost gauge but I'm not keen on the pillar mount or loosing a vent the Zada tech gauge is a great idea looks very oem would you let us know what it's like when you've seen the golf I'm seriously considering one of these
Just had an email from the guy from Zada tech and he is gonna come meet me after work 2moro to show me his Mk4 golf so i will post up what i think here afterwards.

Maybe i can talk him into a group buy :)
Ok thanks would be great if he would do a group buy which of the other sensors would be best to get egt and afr?
Yeah those look intersting will see what they look like he also says he is going to bring his android tablet thats integrated with the gauge so that could be cool.

As for Group buys etc will see what he says or see if i can maybe secure some sort of ASN discount. So once i have some more info i will probably start a new thread and see what sort of interest comes of it as of course numbers can drive prices down alot.

Will also ask about fitting etc as that will be handy to know too.

That all sounds promising I am still deciding what egt gauge to go with this might be a good option.
Do they make a pillar pod for the a3 or do you have to use it off something else?
Do they make a pillar pod for the a3 or do you have to use it off something else?

You talking about the zada tech gauge? cos the whole point of it is that it doesnt go in a pod it replaces the clock lcd built into the dash clocks for that OEM look.
....however more reliable than the liquid because it uses physical sensors instead of the ecu sensors the liquid guage uses.

Sorry but this is absolute rubbish!.... what do you think the ECU actually uses and does with the information? if the sensors (and they are also physical sensors) where inaccurate then the engine would run like a bag of crap...

Liquid sees exactly what the ECU sees in terms of data... the sensors you list in your post are essentially the same ones that are dotted about your engine bay being used by the ECU...

On early cars that run narrowband ME7 and ME3.8 then the Liquid loses wideband AFR capability and on an ME3.8 its uses a calculation (similar to how the ECU does it) for boost as it has not MAP sensor but to say its unreliable because its uses the standard sensors is nonsense...

A quick ebay check says that the Liquid gauge in a vent pod is £230 inc P+P so i will mention this to the guy from zada tech and see if they can do a comparible product for a similar price.

They also do oled screens so they can display images and colours a bit like the liguid gauge so maybe there is a possibility of making an improved version for the dash that has more features.

will see how it goes
guy from Zada Tech just emailed me back and said

The gauge gets the data from an external sensor, which we supply also. It will need to go on the vacuum line with a t-piece.

So looks like it leaves your OBD port free.

He also said he has one fitted to his MK4 golf so i can have a look at his to see what its like so am seeing if he wants to come along to our south central mini meet at Beaulieu on the 19th of this month.

cheers for the pm on this it looks stealth. and loving the shameless plug of our meet mate!
Right chaps just met up with Matin from Zada Tech and had a quick looksie at his golf MK4 that has the kit fitted.

It looks very OEM as the only addition in the car is a little joystick that changes the screen from date and time to boost (or what ever options you opt for). He has placed this in the blank button space next to the hazard lights etc so again looks quite OEM as such. but i believe the joystick can be fitted any location you like.

The boost gauge part of the system works exactly the same way any normal gauge does and uses a T peice into the vac line of the DV. To fit the screen you remove your dash clocks and take them apart to get access to the screens. According to Matin there are 4 little clips that hold the clock screen in place and you undo these and remove the old screen and replace with the Zada Tech one. I did ask how the other modules get their info if you wanted like the EGT sensor etc and to be honest it sounded a bit ott as you actually had to run the sensors to the relevant part in the engine bay and fit the sensor to get a reading so i dont think i would go down that route as such.

Matin did mention that they have an OBD reader in production that will dispay on the same screen in the dash clocks so if you want a liquid gauge esque system you may want to wait to see how that turns out.

Personally i am still very interested in just getting the clock with the boost gauge as i did ask Matin about pricing and the basic screen and clock is £110 plus £25 for the boost sensor (i checked and the joystick and fitting kit for the boost gauge is included in those prices).

I also mentioned that if we managed to get say 5 or 10 people interested in say the boost gauge option like i am interested in could we get any form of discount to which he has said yes but no idea on discount yet as of course it may well depend on what people want etc.

So i will send Matin an email in a bit to ask what sort of pricing he can do for the screen and boost gauge package and post back here and see if anybody else is interested.

well just been trying to fit my boost gauge , turned out a bigger job then i thought as the pod i brought wasn't ever going to fit nicely without going down this route . hopefully should have it finished by the weekend !
I butchered a Newsouth MKIV Golf gauge holder to fit my LCR
I really like the look of the Zada stuff, as its really stealth. However, is the boost gauge numeric only or can you change it to a bar graph or similar? Id love it if it could produce some sort of graph rather than just numeric data...
How well do the pillar gauge pods fit without modification? If it's for a Leon / S3 / A3 does it fit flush without having to sand it etc.
I got headlining that I cut out of mine someone can have it if they pay the postage
Hi guys, I know its a bit late but I cheacked out that zada tech gauge and I must agree with dani_19 its a total rip off aafter you add up all the add ons to make it the same as a liquid gauge your talking well over £300 and in my opinion I would much rather a liquid.
I know a few people are saying they prefer the zada gauhe tp the liquid as you dont lose the vent but every add on you buy for it do you have to take the cluster out to fit them ? If so then not for me at all the least I have tp touch the cluster the better .
any one thought of using obd torque, bluetooth obd and an old android phone??
there's this option for TT 8N, will ask them about compatibility with 8L..
Supreme Technology & Engineering

I got a very quick reply from STE, they couldn't test the unit on 8Ls, but should have no problems at all
The 8L unit will match also B5s (A4, S4, RS4, etc) and A6 C5.
Getste maincluster pic 8 62 PPD C5 A6 2

I will give it a try, will ored next month i hope. Btw, great client service from them, as i read on other forums too.
I got a very quick reply from STE, they couldn't test the unit on 8Ls, but should have no problems at all
The 8L unit will match also B5s (A4, S4, RS4, etc) and A6 C5.
View attachment 21628 View attachment 21629

I will give it a try, will ored next month i hope. Btw, great client service from them, as i read on other forums too.

I am ordering one if you want to wait and see if it works ok mate. Happy to pass on my findings.
I am ordering one if you want to wait and see if it works ok mate. Happy to pass on my findings.
That's great, please share your experience when you get it. I'm pretty sure it will work, I plan to get one too :)

This one also works on DIS, but reads signals from separate senors, which are not included. I preffer the PPD as it reads values from ECU, like the Liquid does
Done my boost gauge at the weekend but done it slightly different I made my own cover for it out of leather see what you think


Can anyone recommend a cheap off the shelf gauge as I got a replacement for my nice ooking gauge and it functions even worst than the last :/

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